Multi Cultural Weddings


MulticulturallgLooking to stray away from the typical white dress and big party wedding tradition? Take part in the new trend that seems to sweeping the world at large, where cultured couples are incorporating each other’s own flair and perfectly bound together.

Multi-cultural weddings are becoming more and more prominent among western culture. Although it has always existed I believe that the more we travel the more we become fascinated in all aspects of culture around the world. Therefore we like to integrate it into our most precious days such as our wedding day because we feel it truly symbolizes us as a couple.

Whether the culture is a part of your heritage or something you’ve shared with a loved one, multi-cultural weddings are very inspiring and exciting for your guests. It is like embarking on a foreign adventure for one night and when it comes to combining two different cultures, together, the diversity is endless.

There are so many factors to lay out when it comes to planning a multi-cultural wedding, whether it’s clothing, music, décor, food, etiquette, ceremonial traditions or rituals they all have to be taken into consideration. Some weddings run longer than a day or two. For example in Morocco, wedding parties can last up to seven days and are called “furnishing parties,” which consist of friends and relatives furnishing the newlywed’s home followed by a purifying bath for the bride.  So to any guest, they’re in for a cultural whirlwind of activities and fun!

But as I mentioned before, sacred rituals and traditions do in fact play a major role in cultural weddings. For example in India, wedding traditions include the painting of hands and feet with henna and a special religious ceremony held the night before the wedding, in which a small stalk is planted in the garden as a celebration of the new life for the couple.

Cultural weddings set yourself apart from the norm, so embrace your own culture and heritage and use it to make your wedding uniquely you. In any given way it can be, it all depends on where you plan to take it.

Historical Wedding Traditions

Something New, Old, Borrowed and Blue.

The saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” is a popular rhyme that has been used since Victorian times. The “something old” represents the bond to the bride’s family and her old life; “something new” represents the couple’s new life together and their future hope for happiness, prosperity and success; “something borrowed” from a happily married woman is meant to impart similar happiness to the bride; and “something blue” represents fidelity and constancy.

Sharing a Piece of the Wedding Cake

A wedding tradition with Roman roots. The Romans believed that by eating the wedding cake together a special bond was created between the couple. The wheat used to bake the cake was a symbol of fertility and “fruitful union,” while the cake’s sweetness was thought to bring sweetness to all areas of the couple’s new life.

Why We Wear
Wedding Rings

Egyptians believed the “vein of love” ran directly from the ring finger to the heart. Therefore the ring was placed there to denote eternal love.

White Bridal Dress

Wearing white also dates back to the Victorian times when Queen Victoria abandoned the usual royal tradition of wearing a silver gown, instead choosing to wear white. Before that time brides simply wore their best gown, rather than a special wedding dress. The popularity of white can also be attributed to it symbolizing purity and virginity. White was also thought to ward off evil spirits.

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