A Niagara Parks Wedding


Oakes Garden Theatre in Spring_lgBountiful in breathtaking scenery, luxurious reception and ceremonial venues and experts that are awaiting your every beck and call – a Niagara Parks wedding might just fulfil your every wish. Known as the Honeymoon Capital of the world, you shouldn’t be surprised it’s the perfect fit for a destination wedding or ideal for a local wedding because it’s just that easy. It’s a thought, and one you should most definitely consider. Like no place on earth and being unlike any couple to wed – this could be the greatest spot considering it’s something almost as unique as you!

Experts stand by to help out with all aspects of your special day and are sure to come through no matter the expense.
With nearly 10 different spots to pick from for your ceremony and reception – indoor and outdoor, the choices are endless and there is no need to go extravagant, if you prefer a small casual wedding that is always an option! Rest assured, you’ll receive the attention and personal care you and your special day deserves.

Take advantage of what Niagara Falls and all its year round activities offer and incorporate them into your wedding. Whether it is the falls illumination as your picturesque outlook or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police greeting your guests – it’s all possible here.

Be part of the magic that inspires all of us who visit the Falls, your signature wedding awaits at the Niagara Parks Commission this spring!

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