Boys and their Toys


Let’s face it. You’re never going to understand why they are so enamoured with their toys. But, you love him and if it makes him happy, then – why not? In fact, why not use his toy infatuation to make “the boys” a part of your day.

Cool boots or gadgets can inspire them to “look good” when you need them to. Even shy guys will strut their stuff when everyone in the “boys club” is playing along.


You know how they are. No matter how cool, calm and collected they pretend to be, they are just as stressed about the day as you are. The groom wants to sound strong and manly when he says his “I dos”. The Best Man is terrified of dropping the ring.

Of course, if they were sensible then they would just concentrate and get it right.  But that doesn’t seem to be the way their minds work. The more serious you want them to be, the more they goof around. And even though you know how important the day is to them, you know that if you don’t keep them occupied they will definitely get into mischief. It’s just the way a man’s brain works.

So why not make sure that they have a great time at the photo shoot?
Why not make sure that that they blow of a little steam – before the wedding toasts and before they feel compelled to talk about the night they all …. Well you know. Give them something to play with. Nothing makes a man happier than a great toy. And when they’re happy – they’ll be good! •

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