The Frugal Bride


frugal_bridelrgMake your own Boutonnières

Step  1
You will need carnations, some greenery, tape, scissors, pins, ribbon and wire to complete this project. Cut the carnations stem off and link a wire through the bottom of the flower.
Gather greenery and neatly place it around the flower.

Step 2
Wrap the tape around the stems of the greenery with the wire and repeat this technique 3 times and when done, wrap them all together with tape.

Step 3
To add ribbon, loop it multiple times evenly and secure with wire. Once done, fluff the ribbon and wrap the wire around the taped stem downward then tape.

Step  4
Take the taped wire and wrap it around a pen to create a twirled effect. Finally use a pin to attach the corsage to the pocket of the suite.

Make your own Bouquet

Step  1
You will need 30 to 40 carnations, a ribbon of choice, floral tape, clippers, and pearl pins. Keep the stem of the carnation and start taping a few together at a time while placed in a triangular shape.

Step  2
To add more, tape them on an angle to create a spiral effect. Begin wrapping your ribbon of choice from top to bottom of the stem, when you have reached the desired length give a little extra ribbon to fold under to prevent any ragged edges.

Step  3
Secure the fold with pearl pins for decoration and cut the extra
length of the stem.

Make your own Veil

Step  1
You will need tulle fabric, get a little more than what length you would like your veil to be. You will need scissors, a hair comb, a needle and thread, a marker, something round to make an oval cut and clothes pin to secure while you sew.

Step  2
For where your head piece will go, use something round (cake pan) and use a marker to trace the oval cut. Cut the tulle following the mark you traced. With your needle and thread, push the needle through the top of the veil and gather the material together to make it look nice and pleated.

Step  3
Place the hair comb against the gathered tulle and neatly sew the comb to the fabric, while still loose, try it out and make any adjustments if needed.

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