Watching Love Grow


Ever wonder what a photographer’s life is like? Ask Tracy Reker and she’ll tell you that it can be pretty exciting. And she’ll tell you that it depends on what you’re shooting.

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Tracy has a pretty diverse portfolio. She’s shot corporate team building exercises “You feed on the energy and really feel like your part of the team.”, covered lavish fashion parties “Yes, parties like you’ve seen in the movies really do happen” and created photographs for some big brand names “It’s really neat to see your work at shows, or on billboards, and trucks, especially when you don’t expect see them.” She loves the travel. She loves the people.

But Tracy will tell you that there just is nothing like shooting a wedding. The opportunity to capture true emotion. “Some people are nervous, some scared and some overwhelmed – but there’s always love. It’s an honour to become part of people’s lives, to help people make decisions about their most important day. The chance to document a family’s evolution.”

For Tracy, shooting a wedding is like coming home to family. •

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